Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Return of... Annoying Things of the Week

These are the top five things that annoyed me this past week:

5. Mediocre Wings - In my continued search for good and tasty wings, I went out to check out Buffalo Wild Wings. I tried two kinds: Hot and Hot BBQ. The Hot BBQ didn't have a great flavor. They were fairly bland. The Hot had a decent Buffalo Wing flavor. But there was nothing really good about the wings. Much like Wing Stop, just very mediocre. It seems to me that if these restaurants are going to open with Wings in their names, as their star attraction, they should be better. I'm disappointed.

4. People who can't figure out the entrance and exit doors - No, this isn't some crude analogy. I'm literally talking about the entrance and exit doors at Safeway. Twice this week I've faced a cart barreling me down on my way out of Safeway. Look at the sign on the door. Look at which way the door opens. And if both of those fail, look at the people GOING THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION through the door.

3. Current Movies - There's nothing showing in the theaters. This time, not literally. But there aren't any movies that I'm interested in watching. I hope that that with the summer movie season starting next week, this will change. But I'm not too excited about Wolverine. He hasn't ever been one of my favorite characters. I didn't care for X-Men III - Rise of the Suck. And I share a dislike of Hugh Jackman with Dr. Cox. As for other upcoming movies, the only thing making me keen on Terminator is that Christian Bale is involved. Up looks cool, and Harry Potter should be good. I've never been a big Star Trek fan, but I'll check out the new movie. Perhaps the movie I'm most interested in comes out late, Inglorious Basterds. I hope there are a few more surprises mixed in there.

2. Eighth Graders - Lame. Just really lame.

1. ATM's - Perhaps the most amazing things I saw in New York City was an ATM machine. You see, this machine did something that I'd never seen an ATM do before. It dispensed bills other than 20 dollar bills. On the SDSU campus, there was a machine that gave 5s and 20s, and that was pretty sweet. No, not sweet. Convenient. This New York ATM offered one dollar bills. But that's not all. Coins. I don't understand why all ATM's can't be that way. Actually, I don't really care. I just get cash back at Safeway.

So what annoyed you this week?

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