Sunday, May 3, 2009

Annoying Things of the Week

These are the top five things that annoyed me this past week:

5. Standardized Tests – Complete waste of energy, time, and money. The people who are in charge of this crap can eat all the dicks.

4. Swine Flu – Oh my god! This thing is so dangerous! Thousands of people have been killed! Millions have it! It’s so much worse that the regular flu! AHHHHHHH!! I should now take a couple minutes to do some internet research so that I can find out when I will die! Be right back! (thirty seconds later) So less that 1000 people in the world have it? And only 20 people have died? And over 30,000 people per year die from the regular flu in the United States alone? Well fuck! I’m so glad I received an email from someone at Concord High with the following (pasted for accuracy) phrases: “Shore Acress is closing for 2 weeks because one of their students is sick, CONFIRMED SWINE FLU!!” All caps and two exclamation marks. That’s serious shit. Good thing we were also told: “IT's getting closer!!! “ Three exclamation marks! Clearly, it’s time that we all crack each other’s heads open and feast on the goo inside.

3. Free internet games –I just started playing this game Civony, which is Age of Empires online. So now I, of course, have to go keep my laptop right next to me so that I can check it every once in a while. Don’t they know that I have no self control?

2. Eighth Graders - Will they never end?

1. Lost – The problem with Lost was the third season. At the end of the second season, there were millions of unanswered questions. Then the third season started and nothing happened. They weren’t revealing any answers. There were creating new, yet not interesting, questions. The plot was dragging. Then the best possible thing happened. The producers negotiated the end of the series. This meant that they could start toward the end, which meant moving the plot forward and answering questions. The third season ending was absolutely amazing, and the show has been incredible ever since.
So what’s the problem? Why am I annoyed by Lost? You see, lots of people stopped watching in the third season. Those of little faith are missing out on some incredible TV. So in that vain, I have stayed with Heroes. My reward has been a crap sandwich. Granted, the sandwich has some tasty mustard on it, and the bread is fresh. But that doesn’t make the crap any better. I was reluctant to drop out of Heroes during this third season.
I think part of the problem with Heroes now was set up with one of the best parts of Season 1. There was an awesome cliffhangeresque/twistlike moment at the end of one of the early episodes. Future Hiro visited Peter on the subway. We saw this totally awesome, kickass version of Hiro. He seemed to know Peter. I think I made a similar assumption to others at that point in that all of the heroes would continue to evolve, learn and develop their powers, and become superheroes. Then they would become some kind of JLA/Avengers type super team. That would mean that the show had a direction and a plan. It turns out that it wasn’t the case in any way. The characters remain no better with their powers, but more importantly, NO SMARTER than they were in the first season. And what could have been a cool fight shown BEHIND CLOSED DOORS? Fucking lame. At least the Battlestar Galactica finale pulled in some dollars for its fights.

So what annoyed you this week?

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