Sunday, May 24, 2009

Annoying Things of the Week

These are the top five things that annoyed me this past week:

5. Suicide – Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam only to find that it’s because somebody is threatening to jump off a bridge? Well, uh, me neither. But I’ve HEARD about these situations. Yeah, I understand that with suicidal people, there's a lot going on. I understand and deal with my own depression. It's probably not something that should be made fun of, but I also understand that the people who are threatening to do it but don’t are looking for attention. It’s horrible and all that crap. So don't you secretly just wish that someone would come up behind them and give a little push? That's why Lai Jiansheng is one of my new heroes.

4. Christian Bale - Several months ago, the Christian Bale rant was released on the internet. If you haven't heard it yet, do yourself a favor and take a quick listen. Enjoy. So at the time, I thought that Bale was kind of a douche nozzle - I can't exactly rant in the same way at my work - but I chose to reserve judgement. After all, what if Bale delivered a great performance in this Terminator movie? What if the guy that he's yelling at gave the movie a horrible look? I needed to see the movie first.

So quick review - Terminator: Salvation was OK. Not too bad, but nothing great. The action was pretty good. Seeing a bunch of Terminators walking around was kinda cool. The movie had a cool look to it. The dialogue was kinda crappy throughout. The only interesting character was only half human. There were a few things that were way out of place. For example, every human that wasn't part of the Resistance was a country bumpkin stereotype right out of Deliverance 2018 ("Squeal like a cyber-piggy"). With those negatives, I think the positives were able to outweigh it a bit.

But before you consider this to be much of a recommendation, I had really low expectations going in. I hope those of you who see it in the theater have someone in your theater who is an awesome as the person who was sitting behind us. There's a VERY forced "I'll Be Back" from John Connor. And immediately after that line, the fucktard behind us decided that he had to repeat the line in an awful Arnold accent. Heading out of the theater, I said that it was my favorite part of the movie. Looking back, I still agree. It was the most memorable moments.

And then there was Christian Bale. Christian Bale was rather... crappy. He hit one note throughout the movie, and that note was "Angry Because I Have To Take a Dump." It's been awhile since I watched T2 or T3, but he didn't seem like an adult version of the John Connor from those movies. The disappointing thing is that the only credibility that this movie has was Bale. It certainly wasn't hack director (Charlie's Angels) McG. After relistening to the rant, it wa during a scene with Bryce Dallas Howard (and I believe that her only part in the script was to open her eyes really big). Since all of his scenes had the same out of place intensity, I have no idea what the scene was. But since the movie looked better than Bale's acting, I declare the following. One point: Shane Hurlbut. One douche: Christian Bale.

3. Voting – Democracy is not always the most perfect system, but it’s better than the rest of the alternates. The founding fathers talked about the tyranny of the majority, in which they believed that true democracy wouldn’t work because the minority would always be oppressed. Not what I was going to discuss here, but for some bizarre reason, I felt the need to let my loyal readers know that.

We had an election here in our school district this past week. It was for a $99 parcel tax, which would have generated about $7 million per year. It was much needed in the current climate, but it faced too many obstacles. One was that it was on a ballot filled with other taxes to help California lawmakers make easier decisions. Because of that, it was easy for many to start voting NO and just continue on through. Another is that many objected to recent mismanagement of money in our district, and were reluctant to hand them even more money. In the end, it failed with “only” 58% of the vote. Yes, the majority wasn’t enough, since it needed 2/3 to pass.

But that’s not what I’m annoyed with here. The voter turnout: 28.73%. But it’s all OK, because that same night American Idol had almost 100 million votes.

2. Eighth Graders – They pick their scabs and eat them.

1. Torture – About a month ago, Sean Hannity said on his show that he would be willing to undergo waterboarding for charity. Keith Olberman picked up on it and offered $1000 per second to the charity of Hannity's choosing. This site picked that up and ran with it. Of course, since Sean Hannity isn't a real person but is nothing more than a character on TV, it never happened. Last Friday, radio host Mancow went through with it.

Both Hannity and Mancow, as well as every other conservative talk show host, have been defending torture. They have been going with the Bush title of "enhanced interrogation" instead, and have talked about how waterboarding isn't torture. Because, of course, we don't torture. Of course, they were ignoring every single person who has been through it, for one reason or another, who have said that it's torture.

So what did Mancow have to say of his experience? Here's the video if you want to check it out for yourself. While the average person lasts about 14 seconds, Mancow lasted about 6. His (now more informed) decision: "Absolutely Torture." Olberman followed through by giving $10,000 to Veterans of Valor. And his final word to Sean Hannity: "You, sir, are now unnecessary."

So what annoyed you this week?

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