Sunday, May 31, 2009

Annoying Things of the Week

These are the top five things that annoyed me this past week:

5. Love and Marriage - As if I haven't expressed enough of my distaste for such things before, here's another news article that shows how wrong love is:

4. Christians - Someone shot an abortion doctor in a church. And apparently it wasn't the first time he had been shot. Gotta love those good Christian morals.

3. Horror movies - I saw Drag Me to Hell today. Overall, it was pretty good. I've read that it's really good for a horror movie. I say that because I guess I don't really know. That's a genre that I'm not that into. I was trying to think of what the last horror, or even anything close to it, movie that I saw in the theaters. I think it was The Ring. I wasn't really into it.

And the same goes for your Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, or the rest. I've seen a bunch, but the horror parts weren't all that interesting to me. Perhaps I'm only saying this now since I just saw a Sam Raimi movie, but I think my favorite horror movie is probably Evil Dead II. And with that, it's more of a comedy. I like it because its cheesy as hell and it makes me laugh. With DMtH, I liked the really cheesy things like eyes popping out of heads. They made me laugh.

Perhaps with this movie, I was able to pinpoint one of the reasons why. Perhaps I can't suspend my belief far enough to get scared. I identified with the "I'm a Mac" guy in this movie when he was talking about how the fortune tellers are scam artists. He explains the basic concept behind cold reading, much like Sylvia Brown (someone who I AM truly afraid of, but for different reasons - check out those nails! Nasty!). Bottom line after all that, though - I can recommend Drag Me to Hell - I liked it. And if you like horror movies, I think you'll like it even more than I did. However, I also saw Up this weekend. I give it an F - for Fucking Fantastic.

2. Eighth graders - Why must they wake up everyday?

1. Shoulder pain - I sleep on my stomach or on my side. Often when I sleep on my side, I begin to crush my shoulder, and it usually wakes me up. Last night it didn't right away, I guess, so I woke up with some shoulder pain. it got a bit worse as the day went on, and I could barely lift my hand past my head. It started getting better as I stretched it out, and most of the pain will probably be gone in the next day or two.

But more importantly, I learned that I can pretty much get around and do just about everything even with shoulder pain. So I know that if I ever face any damage to my shoulder, I'll be able to continue to do my job. Yes, whether the subject is history or science or English or science or P.E. or science or math or science or art or even science, I will still be able to work with shoulder pain. And yes, that makes me better than some.

So what annoyed you this week?


Nolan said...

So, you're saying that you hurt yourself sleeping? How are you not a member of the Oakland Athletics?

Kaboom32 said...

The A's do give me a call every once in a while with some kind of offer. But then I get my eyes on that sweet, sweet MDUSD paycheck and... I don't have to tell you. You've been there, too.