Sunday, May 10, 2009

Annoying Things of the Week

These are the top five things that annoyed me this past week:

5. Reading – Something I enjoy about MySpace profiles is that people get to declare that they are stupid. The MySpace template offers the opportunity to list your favorite books. I always enjoy coming across the profile that lists something along the lines of “I hate reading.” Or better yet, “I hate fucken reading.” Translation: You’re stupid. Wait – allow me to rewrite that in a way that a non reader might understand: Your stupid.

4. Trekkers – Even if the series was retconned, I refuse to retcon the name of Star Trek nerds. They will always be Trekkies.
I am not a Trekkie. I have only seen a handful of episodes of the original series, and probably less than five of TNG. I’ve seen most of the movies, though I don’t think I’ve seen any more than once (though I think I’ve seen IV in enough clips and pieces to count as another time). And even though I’m not a Trekkie, the geek in me still has a decent knowledge of Star Trek basics. I believeit was Lance who once gave the best reason not to like Star Trek, in that their solutions would often come down to some sort of science type thing that they writers would invent just to get them out of the jam.
So the new movie? I liked it quite a bit. I thought it did a really great job of bringing in new viewers. You didn’t have to know a lot about the original to enjoy this. From what Trekkie knowledge I do have, there seemed to be enough to reward fans of the original stuff. With the exception of the monster scene that I mentioned a couple weeks back, the use of CGI was excellent – we didn’t have the big “look at what we can do with our computers!” shot. Now this was only the fifth movie that I’ve seen this year, but it was by far the best, and I’m sure Star Trek will find a place on my year end list.

3. Mustard – First, read the article: Sean Hannity makes a big deal about Obama ordering spicy or Dijon mustard. Here’s the deal. After watching the clip, there IS something about which to bust Obama, but it’s not his mustard. After all, Dijon mustard is pretty tasty. It’s the fact that Obama orders his burger Medium Well. Freakin’ nasty, cooking the flavor out like that. But I have a feeling that Hannity doesn’t call him out on that because he probably likes his burgers well done. Just a hunch.

2. Eighth Graders – Worthless.

1. Free stuff – Normally, free stuff is good stuff. But KFC offered free grilled chicken last week. And they offered it on Oprah. And to their apparent surprise, the campaign worked. Millions of people printed the coupon from the internet and went to their local KFC, only to discover long lines of people waiting to redeem the same coupon. So KFC had to pull the plug on their promotion.
I have to wonder if the people running this promotion were stupid or idiots. Didn’t they see the success of the Denny’s free Grand Slam? Haven’t they been near a Baskin Robbins on free scoop day? Guess what? My initial hypothesis, free stuff is good stuff, is shared by many. And then to go ahead and promote it on Oprah. Not only do people watch Oprah (her cult is strong), but I have a feeling that the people who watch Oprah are KFC fans. Just a hunch here. I don’t know enough about the details of the coupon (reason ahead), but it seems as if they should have learned from the previous instances and either required some kind of purchase (perhaps a beverage) or limited it to one day of crazy.
My history of KFC is pretty simple. Every few years, I see another KFC commercial and I start to think, for some stupid reason, that it looks good. I head down and get some chicken. I almost immediately remember how nasty it is, then several bites later I feel nauseous, which lasts for quite some time afterward. I refuse to go back ever again, through the thoughts of their tasty biscuits linger in my head until a few years later when I see another commercial. I’m only about three months into the new cycle, having apparently received head trauma and therefore amnesia earlier this year, so I didn’t choose to download the coupon for myself. (after typing this, I learned that El Pollo Loco is accepting the coupons – smart, smart, smart, smart, smart)

So what annoyed you this week?


Lance Christian Johnson said...

Holy Christ, but Hannity is the dumbest fucking person EVER.

Becka said...

7th graders - FAR more worthless...

Kaboom32 said...

It fills my heart with joy to know that next year's kids will be such a wonderful, wonderful group.