Sunday, June 14, 2009

Annoying Things of the Week

These are the top five things that annoyed me this past week:

5. Sarah Palin – So David Letterman made a joke about Palin’s daughter having sex. Palin then tried to make a big deal about how it was her 14 year old daughter with her, not the 18 year old, thus making the joke totally out of line. Now I’m usually one who prefers to look to facts, such as in religion, evolution, paranormal activities, history, and much more. But when it comes to jokes, are facts really necessary? The only thing that matters is if it’s funny or not. Now we all know that Sarah Palin has a daughter who has had sex. And since Palin made a big deal about abstinence, that opens up the joke bag. So the 18-year-old not actually being present? Irrelevant. It was a joke.

The topic of jokes brings me to an observation I made this week. While talking with a group of three students at the end of the last day of school, we started joking that one of the kids was actually my son. We both have red hair, though that’s exactly where any similarities end. But that’s not the point. These three students demonstrated to me another good way to categorize people (since that’s exactly what we need in this world). The first kind is the type who will go along with a joke. Those are the smart people. They realize right away what’s going on and help you out; they run with it. The second type is much more common. They are the type who laugh at a joke. They aren’t necessarily going to jump in and extend the joke, but they are bright enough to know that it is a joke. They laugh along, with actually helps to keep it going. That was the second student in the group, just laughing along. The third type is the type to stop the joke. In this case, the third student had to step in and proclaim that she knew his dad, so there was no way. Well NO SHIT. This is the type of person who watches a movie and proclaims “That wouldn’t happen.” These are some uptight people, and also pretty dumb. Sarah Palin clearly falls into this category. Palin could have jumped back at Letterman and launched a joke about him. She still would have been defending her daughter, and she would have looked better in the long run. So which type are you?

4. Time – I totally forgot that the game started at 5 instead of 6 today. I missed most of the first half. Stupid clocks. I also just remembered that I’m going to have time problems in Europe. I don’t wear a watch anymore – I use my blackberry as my source of time almost exclusively. So I’m wondering if it’s going to be worth the time, effort, and money to go buy a cheap watch tomorrow. I do have a moderately nice watch, but it doesn’t fit around my fat wrist anymore.

3. Reindeer - According to this article,, the population of reindeer is dropping. I’m heading to Scandinavia on Tuesday, and one of the things I like to do while traveling is to sample the local cuisine. Quite often that means that I’m going to be eating an easier meal right afterwards (okra gumbo), but sometimes it means I’m going to find a new, amazing flavor (turtle soup).

It has also led me to try horse. I wasn’t planning to, but the place I went in Slovenia was out of beef burgers, so I had a horse burger. Here’s the weird part: I recognized the flavor. This either means that it was prepared with some spice that was unique or, more likely, I’ve had horse somewhere else. I’ve never ordered horse, so someone is serving horse around here somewhere.

One of the meats I want to try in the next few weeks is reindeer. I hope this plunge in population doesn’t mean that I won’t have the opportunity.

2. Eighth Graders – I was right. About 2/5 less annoying this past week. Good job, kids!

1. Corbett – Because he’s in Europe already, and I don’t leave until Tuesday.

So what annoyed you this week?

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