Sunday, January 24, 2010

Annoying Things of the Week

These are the things that annoyed me this week.

5. Dexter - I watched season 3 this past week. My first annoyance is that the season started too slowly. Luckily, it picked up, so I think it was worth it. But my annoyance, as I've written about briefly before, is that they supporting cast and their stories SUCK.

Season three featured an increasingly fascinating relationship between serial killer Dexter and Miguel Prado, played by Bail Organa. Everytime they were on screen, the scenes were electric. Their friendship/cat-and-mouse game worked. But it was too small of a part of the season. But the supporting storylines were dull. And what made it even worse is that the writers did a great job of tying these storylines to the main line, which means I couldn't skip past them. I really believe that if you took all of the Dexter scenes out of the show that it would be one of the worst things on TV.

4. James Buchanan - Worst. President. Ever. And we named our airport and golf course after him. Good job learning your history, Concord!

3. Dreams - The ones that come to you while you sleep as opposed to the kind where you wish your life would go if you ever got off of your ass and did something about it. My dreams are too manipulative. I woke up this morning believing that I'd had the most innovative idea ever in dream form. I quickly snapped on the snooze so that I could get back to sleep and gain more insight. This went on for way too long this morning. If it weren't for my bladder, I might still be there trying to capture a glimmer of more insight.

Here's the big problem. This dream was fucking lame. I dreamed that I had innovated the game of football. instead of teams going head-to-head, they would now go head-to-head-to-head. Yep. Three teams would play each other all together. And how would that work? The third team would wait on their sideline. As the dream defined it, the third team sideline was behind the goal line. When a team would give up a score or a turnover, they would also give up their spot on the field. The third team would then come in to play. So Team A plays Team B while Team C wait on the sidelines. Team A scores. So Team B has to go off the field while Team C takes the kickoff. Then Team C punts away, but throws an interception on the next play. Team A must leave the field and Team B takes their place. While I was asleep, it was brilliant.

2. Eighth graders - Seriously. Lame.

1. Parties - Specifically, parties that do NOT feature Rock Band. Any party that requires you to talk with others is a bummer. Who wants to meet people? Lance and I discussed this at Justin & Leah's Excellent Rock Band party last week. When you have Rock Band, you have something to focus on. If you don't want to talk to people, you just take part in the Rock Band awesomeness or you pay attention to others.

The big deal isn't really meeting people. It's small talk. I'm not big on starting a conversation. It's mostly a self esteem issue. Who wants to talk me, and why shold they? Though it's not all me - I don't want to talk to most people, either. But I'm also not having a light-hearted conversation with someone who I'll likely never see again.

Actually, I'm not interested in having light-hearted conversations at all. I like to complain. I like to argue. I like to discuss things with relevance. I like to crack wise. I like to make potentially offensive statements. But if I'm meeting someone for the first time, they might actually take those statements seriously. I'm not offended when someone tells me that I'm wrong, but I'm going to argue otherwise. And too many people just can't handle that.

So what annoyed you this week?


Nolan said...

I disagree. Buchanan may have been a very bad president, but I posit that Warren G. Harding was the worst ever.

Kaboom32 said...

I'm only an "expert" on Buchanan's presidency, since I don't teach Harding. But it seems like both were equally incompetent. However Buchanan was incompetent while we were heading toward a war while Harding was incompetent after we got out of one.

Without 9/11, I believe that George W.'s presidency would have been mediocre. But we needed someone with skills to get us though that. He wasn't the riht person. Imagine a special needs kid alone in a room. That's Harding's presidency. Now put some matches and gasoline in the room with him. That's Bush and Buchanan's presidencies.

Since I don't know enough about Harding, I tend to put Pierce as second to last. But if I ever graduate middle school and get to high school, perhaps I'll enlighten myself to your point of view.

Nolan said...

No, you're probably right. Well put.