Monday, June 18, 2007

Classical Music

"I love classical music. It makes you smart. And you know who hates classical music? Dumb people. Because it's like the sunlight to a vampire. When you're dumb, you void all things that are smart. They hurt. You don't want to listen to this, and then you label it for Poindexters or idiots. You get to get a lot done to classical music. If you put classical music on, you can write, you can clean, you can do everything you need to do. You can take care of business. That's why it's smart music that was written by super smart people, as opposed to the popular music which is dumb music written by who? Retards. So do you want to listen to something Britney Spears creates, or do you want to listen to something a genius creates? Which one do you think will make you smarter?"
Adam Carolla

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Great work.