Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday, Dude

I have taken on a new committee at school. Actually, I'm sharing it with another teacher (and owner of the new fantasy football team, Sweet Potatoes). We are the TGIF coordinators. That's an after school Friday coordinated thing where we pick the exact day and place, and teachers from our school go to hang out and enjoy some beverages that we aren't quite allowed to enjoy at school. Being the end of the first week, we decided to have our first one on the first week. Also, our office manager retired today. So we had the shindig to celebrate her retirement and a successful first week. Prior to being the office manager, she was a classroom aide. In my first year, the half year where I took the job from another guy who sucked, she was in my classroom. And she is really the reason that I got the job. Our principal was sick the week I was subbing, so Deb was the only person that actually saw me teach. And I got the job. We had a really good turnout tonight. Had a few drinks. Had a good time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

TV theme song meme

Your Final Score Was 92%

Wow! Either you googled those lyrics or you are a TV theme song genious! You must watch a lot of TV.

Guess the Theme Song
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Late Friday update

Two days late. Ah well. I had my second Fantasy Football draft yesterday. I don't feel that this one was as good as the other, and I'm not too confident that I will do well.

Superbad was Supergood.

I tried the Elk Burger at Fuddruckers today. Better than both the ostrich and buffalo - cool beans.

Teachers started on Wednesday. Wednesday was fairly painless because we did more small group planning and discussing, and the people I will be working with this year are pretty cool. Thursday was a lot more sitting and listening, which sucked. But we got out early. Friday was an unbearable two hours in the morning, then we were done. I got pretty much everything ready, with the exception on my gradebook. I spent today getting that totally set up. I just need to make a day one seating chart before I go to bed. Shouldn't take too long.

I've been watching Return of the King on TNT is Hi-Def. Looks REALLY sweet, EXCEPT for the stupid logo in the bottom right corner. It's worse than usual. Not only do they have the little TNT in a circle, but next to it they advertise upcoming show and movies. On a smaller TV, it would be less noticeable. But on this TV, the whole thing would fill up my laptop screen. But they just had the scene where Aragorn jumps out of ship and the ghosts follow him. That's cool.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Draft Day #1 - CFFL

touchdown_tattooDrafted my new team today.  As the current champion, I face the tough task of going back-to-back.  I pulled out all of the good luck charms, starting with the temporary tattoo.


Since my team is "Clobberin' Time," I had to have the mascot present.  clobberin_figure I think that I have some good starters.  I don't know if the team has depth right now, so I need to make a few little changes to prepare for bye weeks. But technically, I am ready to go week one.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Update

I'm changing the name of my Friday posts, as you can see from the title. I originally was planning to use Friday to make a list of small topics that I had thought about during the week. The problem is that I can't ever remember them when I sit down to do this. I then feel pressure to list some stuff instead of just blogging. I will, therefore, change the intention of the Friday post. It is now just to make sure that I am posting something at least once a week.
carlton_oaks Right now, I am in San Diego. Actually, that's a lie. I'm in El Cajon, just outside of SD. Tomorrow is the draft in one of my fantasy football leagues, so I am here for that. Today we had some predraft festivities, beginning with the annual golf tournament. We went to Carlton Oaks; it was pretty nice. Next we headed downtown to Hooters to enjoy wings and hooters. Then we walked to Petco Park to see the Padres lose. Actually, we were there while the Pads lost, and we kinda paid attention every now and then. Full day. Now I'm tired. Sleep is desired.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Da Gym

I finally started getting my butt back to the gym. I had been going regularly for about a year, and I had great results. Then February, due to some of the happenings, I stopped for awhile. That was enough to stop the momentum all together. The only time I was back in the doors was to pay for the next year, which I was sure was going to motivate me to get going. I didn't. Having the last month off to mostly keep to myself, isolating myself at the right times, and some other changes, I think made a big difference. All very vague, but too bad. So since school starts soon, I need to start living again. I went back last Thursday and Friday. then a small setback over the weekend, but I was back again today. I worked pretty hard, and if felt good. Since I'm heading to San Diego this weekend, I know I'll miss four days. Missing two days is tough to return from, three even harder, and four is nearly impossible, especially this early. The following Monday school does begin, so that might be tough to continue going. Gotta keep it up, yo.

Books, books

I keep buying books and I keep starting books and I don't keep finishing books. Well, I did buy, start, and finish Harry Potter 7. But here my list of books that I am somewhere in the middle, though often somewhere near the beginning) AND that I actually want to finish.

Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand

1776 – David McCullough

His Excellency – Joseph J. Ellis

Little Children – Tom Perrotta

Alexander Hamilton – Ron Chernow

Breakfast of Champions – Kurt Vonnegut

Until I Find You – John Irving

The Taking – Dean Koontz

From a Buick 8 – Stephen King

The Killing of Reinhard Heyorich, the SS "Butcher of Prague" - Callum MacDonald

Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold

Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Quick Shots

it has been awhile, kids. Heading off to Europe took the momentum out of my blogging, as well as some stuff I've been dealing with since getting back. I hope I'm finally getting myself back to "normal," or at least functional. Yeah vague, but that's all you're going to get.

My Europe trip is online. I need to finish he last few days. Maybe now I can get to that. I'm thinking I might finish it in San Diego next week.

I think I'm going to start a movie club at ED this year. Both for watching and making movies. I'm more interested in the making part, but some movie watching would also be interesting. It might be two different clubs. Who knows.

If I had seen Little Children last year, it would have been number one on my list.

I will be more regular from now on. Blog Fiber.