Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday, Dude

I have taken on a new committee at school. Actually, I'm sharing it with another teacher (and owner of the new fantasy football team, Sweet Potatoes). We are the TGIF coordinators. That's an after school Friday coordinated thing where we pick the exact day and place, and teachers from our school go to hang out and enjoy some beverages that we aren't quite allowed to enjoy at school. Being the end of the first week, we decided to have our first one on the first week. Also, our office manager retired today. So we had the shindig to celebrate her retirement and a successful first week. Prior to being the office manager, she was a classroom aide. In my first year, the half year where I took the job from another guy who sucked, she was in my classroom. And she is really the reason that I got the job. Our principal was sick the week I was subbing, so Deb was the only person that actually saw me teach. And I got the job. We had a really good turnout tonight. Had a few drinks. Had a good time.

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