Sunday, August 26, 2007

Late Friday update

Two days late. Ah well. I had my second Fantasy Football draft yesterday. I don't feel that this one was as good as the other, and I'm not too confident that I will do well.

Superbad was Supergood.

I tried the Elk Burger at Fuddruckers today. Better than both the ostrich and buffalo - cool beans.

Teachers started on Wednesday. Wednesday was fairly painless because we did more small group planning and discussing, and the people I will be working with this year are pretty cool. Thursday was a lot more sitting and listening, which sucked. But we got out early. Friday was an unbearable two hours in the morning, then we were done. I got pretty much everything ready, with the exception on my gradebook. I spent today getting that totally set up. I just need to make a day one seating chart before I go to bed. Shouldn't take too long.

I've been watching Return of the King on TNT is Hi-Def. Looks REALLY sweet, EXCEPT for the stupid logo in the bottom right corner. It's worse than usual. Not only do they have the little TNT in a circle, but next to it they advertise upcoming show and movies. On a smaller TV, it would be less noticeable. But on this TV, the whole thing would fill up my laptop screen. But they just had the scene where Aragorn jumps out of ship and the ghosts follow him. That's cool.

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