Monday, August 13, 2007

Da Gym

I finally started getting my butt back to the gym. I had been going regularly for about a year, and I had great results. Then February, due to some of the happenings, I stopped for awhile. That was enough to stop the momentum all together. The only time I was back in the doors was to pay for the next year, which I was sure was going to motivate me to get going. I didn't. Having the last month off to mostly keep to myself, isolating myself at the right times, and some other changes, I think made a big difference. All very vague, but too bad. So since school starts soon, I need to start living again. I went back last Thursday and Friday. then a small setback over the weekend, but I was back again today. I worked pretty hard, and if felt good. Since I'm heading to San Diego this weekend, I know I'll miss four days. Missing two days is tough to return from, three even harder, and four is nearly impossible, especially this early. The following Monday school does begin, so that might be tough to continue going. Gotta keep it up, yo.

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