Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Voice results:

I guess it wasn't too bad. Sure there were few mistakes but that's to be expected.

All in all, I think it might, in the long run, helped things. As long as the one where the sewing microphone. Perhaps of you'll find something better to use a laptop.

Anything you can understand in this post I blame on Roy. That's what I call the voice recognition software. Too bad I can't figure out how to have that type in a name like Roy. Well that time it recognized it. Bastard.

Voice recognition

Now on trying out this voice recognition software. Sure it's a real pain in the butt, but once I get the computer trained, it should work much better. Or, I guess I need to train myself to work with a computer.

Right now, and tried to enter all this using the microphone. I'm keeping my eyes closed, that will make the post interesting.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this lovely post as much as I've enjoyed saying it. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Monday, May 28, 2007

more blogs!

So I got myself a wordpress and a twitter today. Certainly, I must be missing more blogs. With my livejournal and myspace, that's not enough! I must have all the blogs.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Quick Shots

Friday, which means I have to remember to post here. Let's see what I'm thinking about...

Happy birthday Star Wars. I might watch some of it tonight before I go to bed.

Season finales this week. Heroes and Lost. Spoilers if you haven't watched. Heroes second to last episode was so freakin' good that there's no way they could have matched it with the finale. How is it that nobody took a look at the shot of Hiro stabbing Sylar and didn't notice that it was lame, and then watched the fight between Peter and Sylar and noticed that it needed just a bit more use of powers? I wonder if the production schedule was just too tight to fix things like this. I think that if they had combined those two episodes for a 2 hour finale, it would have been pretty kickass. Much like Lost, which was a 2 hour finale. And it kicked my ass.

Glory. Pretty much watched it every time for the first couple days. Today for the last part I had work that I had to finish, so I didn't watch every second of it. Great film, though.

Wii has been pretty fun. I haven't had time to just sit and play for hours and hours, so everything I have is still pretty fresh.

How come there's only one movie showing at CineArts?

I just booked my hotel for Austria. My trip is totally all set, minus the packing and actually going. I don't think I need to get too many things before I go. Sweet!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It's that time of year again, when I show Glory in class. I'll be watching it six times this year instead of just two. And it's going to take three days instead of two. That will certainly disrupt the flow, but I'll make due. By my best and imprudent calculations, this will be viewings 24 through 29. I think I'm going to officially make it the movie that I have seen more than any other. Star Wars might be close, but I don't think it's been that many.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Quick Shots

Bowling banquet tonight. Tons o' fun. As fun as a bowling banquet can be. We didn't win, so no trophies.

I've actually had halfway decent sleep the past few nights. I'm still waking up as tired as ever. Perhaps if I do OK over the weekend, it will continue through next week.

Three day weekend coming up. Groovy. And then two and a half weeks more after that.

End of the year means that my summer vacation is coming up. I actually need to start thinking about my trip and thinking about what I still don't have.

Heroes and Lost season finales next week. Should be cool.

Taught Civil War stuff this week - some of my favorite lectures to give. More next week, and then we watch Glory. Good times.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Quick Shots

Second week, and I almost forgot my Friday post. Yeesh.

  • Got my Wii yesterday. Paper Mario is pretty cool, innovative. Best of all I can play it sitting down. I have barely tried any Wii Sports because they involve physical motion. Maybe when I'm feeling more active. And to follow up on my previous Wii post, Wikipedia states the following: "Nintendo has stated that the official plural form is 'Wii systems' or 'Wii consoles.'
  • I'm still pissed about Spider-Man 3. Dammit. I need to see a good movie to cleanse the palate. Perhaps I'll try to catch Hot Fuzz.
  • Star testing is over for the year. In honor of my new Wii, I brought my GameCube in to class and they played that when testing was over each day this week. My classroom was a Mario Par-tay.
  • I like the sample labels that blogger lists right down below where I type this. I can enter labels for this post, and it give example of "scooters, vacation, fall." So those are the labels I have given this post.
  • Saw Clerks II this week. Had some funny moments, but underwhelming.
  • Speaking of Clerks II, I found another oldie that 8th graders like. "ABC" by little Mikey Jackson and the other 4.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Spider-Man 3

I had intended to write a full review of the movie, but every time I started, I became enraged. Not really, but I like the image or me tossing my laptop out the window of a tall building just because I think about the train wreck called "Spider-Man 3." So allow me to summarize that three villains didn't work. Dancing Emo Parker didn't work. The movie is the unmet potential of two movies. And that makes it so much more disappointing than if it were just boring or bad.

Monday, May 7, 2007


A couple Wii notes.
First, star testing has just proved fruitful for the first time. It has given me the chance to keep pressing refresh on toysrus.com, which has made some Wii units (I prefer to call them Wiis, but that just looks wrong, and I don't think the apostrophe rule for letters works here) available about every hour. So I just bought a Wii. It's going to be fun on my 62 inch TV, though I know it won't take advantage of my hi-def capabilities. Still, it should be cool.
Second, I just noticed that Vince Young will be out some part of this season with injury. It hasn't been announced by the NFL or the Titans, but I saw it as announced by Wii, in the picture to the right.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Finally! A here is a Post Secret that we can ALL get behind!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday Quick Shots

I'm returning to blogging after being off for a couple years. I'm not even sure that my other blog was extremely successful, but I do want to get back into it just a bit. So I'm deciding that every Friday I want to post a few quick thoughts, perhaps pose more questions than I will answer. but mostly just a few things roaming through my head.

  • Spider-Man 3 comes out today. I'm worried about the reviews. They haven't been bad, just very underwhelming. I haven't been to the theater in a while. It's May and I've only seen two movies.
  • We have been STAR testing all week. What a waste of educational time, money, and talent. There is no way that this is good for anyone or any part of civilization. And I say that as someonewho has watched the little shits taking the tests all week. They don't care. And while they don't, no one else should either.
  • David Hasselhoff "admits battling alcoholism." If he was still driving KITT, that's a battle I would be interested in seeing.
  • My high score in Solitaire is 5152. What's even worse is that Windows Vista keeps track of how many games you have played. I won't share that number.
  • The bowling season ended yesterday. For us, it actually ended last week when we were officially eliminated. Yep, the defending champs are not returning to the playoffs. A week ago I had a 177 average. It dropped one this week, and probably another this week. Ah well, still quite an improvement.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

First post and STAR testing.

Congratulations, and thanks for finding my blogger blog. It sure was tough, since I use the exact same name for everything, eh? Thanks to the Mount Diablo Unified School District's tyranny, and their overall lack of support for a little something that I like to call Amendment 1 of the United States Constitution, livejournal has been blocked by the district. Instead of trying to find a way around their evil iPrism blocking system, I have made a new blogger poster thing. Plus, I rarely post to that livejournal one anyway, so what does it matter? Right now, we are STAR testing! Isn't that just a kick in the pants? That means that all this week and next week, I am officially on baby-sitting duty. Fantastic. You can bet your bottom dollar that all other posts will be as amazingly exciting as this one.