Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Quick Shots

Second week, and I almost forgot my Friday post. Yeesh.

  • Got my Wii yesterday. Paper Mario is pretty cool, innovative. Best of all I can play it sitting down. I have barely tried any Wii Sports because they involve physical motion. Maybe when I'm feeling more active. And to follow up on my previous Wii post, Wikipedia states the following: "Nintendo has stated that the official plural form is 'Wii systems' or 'Wii consoles.'
  • I'm still pissed about Spider-Man 3. Dammit. I need to see a good movie to cleanse the palate. Perhaps I'll try to catch Hot Fuzz.
  • Star testing is over for the year. In honor of my new Wii, I brought my GameCube in to class and they played that when testing was over each day this week. My classroom was a Mario Par-tay.
  • I like the sample labels that blogger lists right down below where I type this. I can enter labels for this post, and it give example of "scooters, vacation, fall." So those are the labels I have given this post.
  • Saw Clerks II this week. Had some funny moments, but underwhelming.
  • Speaking of Clerks II, I found another oldie that 8th graders like. "ABC" by little Mikey Jackson and the other 4.

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