Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Quick Shots

Friday, which means I have to remember to post here. Let's see what I'm thinking about...

Happy birthday Star Wars. I might watch some of it tonight before I go to bed.

Season finales this week. Heroes and Lost. Spoilers if you haven't watched. Heroes second to last episode was so freakin' good that there's no way they could have matched it with the finale. How is it that nobody took a look at the shot of Hiro stabbing Sylar and didn't notice that it was lame, and then watched the fight between Peter and Sylar and noticed that it needed just a bit more use of powers? I wonder if the production schedule was just too tight to fix things like this. I think that if they had combined those two episodes for a 2 hour finale, it would have been pretty kickass. Much like Lost, which was a 2 hour finale. And it kicked my ass.

Glory. Pretty much watched it every time for the first couple days. Today for the last part I had work that I had to finish, so I didn't watch every second of it. Great film, though.

Wii has been pretty fun. I haven't had time to just sit and play for hours and hours, so everything I have is still pretty fresh.

How come there's only one movie showing at CineArts?

I just booked my hotel for Austria. My trip is totally all set, minus the packing and actually going. I don't think I need to get too many things before I go. Sweet!

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