Friday, December 26, 2008

Larry King's secret identity

I know some of you like movies. Hey - I like movies, too. And this her, kids, is prime movie watching season. I've already enjoyed several movies in December, and I hope to catch three or four more before the year runs out. For those of you who ready my halfway list back in the summer, I'm pretty confident that this one will be almost totally fresh. Only one or two movies from that list will survive - that's how much I've liked what I've seen. If anyone wants to join me for any films, let me know. I'm even planning another jaunt into San Francisco to see a movie that seems to only be showing at the Metreon so far. Good times.

If you do head to the movies soon, I encourage you to watch out for something very special before the movies. I don't know which theaters show this, but CineArts does for sure. There's a quick commercial for "Beyond the Secret." At the very end, they show a picture of its host, Larry King. In that picture, Larry King is... Mr. Burns. When you see it, be sure to rub your hands together and say "Excellent."

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