Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

I forgot to copy this post from my other blog yesterday:

A blog EVERY day? Whose stupid ass idea was this? And what's with all these rules? Lame. I did appreciate the suggestions that some of you sent for me to blog about. There were four or five ideas that I will actually use.

There's this show Beauty and the Geek. I watched an episode this summer. The idea is that these dumb hot chicks team up with these super geeks and then it's reality show action from there. Not any more lame than any of the other reality shows, I guess. On this episode I saw, I was taking a look at the clothes that the geeks were wearing when I noticed that the shirt that one of them was wearing looked familiar. And then I recognized it as a shirt that I also had. And then I noticed that I was wearing that shirt. Greatest moment ever? Possibly.

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