Sunday, October 7, 2007

Oct 6

High Def
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High Def is pretty sweet, but it depends on the channel. Many of the network channels show some pretty lousy HD. That's one of the (few) negatives about a 62-inch screen. When the HD is weak, you notice. Now when I'm not watching HD, such as when I watch me some TiVo, that part of my brain turns off. I have to learn to watch TV with the expectation that the image won't be as purdy. But when I'm watching something that should be in HD, the emphasis is on the H. I just finished watching SW:EPIII:ROTS on HDHBO. Since I pay extra money for it, I'm glad that it's such a purdy picture. But while watching a few HD shows on NBC or ABC or FOX, some things have extra bits and pieces around them. However, bad HD is like having a wrinkly thousand dollar bill. It's still better than a penny. Take that to the bank and smoke it. Something slightly cool about HD is that Astound HD just got the History Channel in HD. But then I was reminded that it's now the Modern Marvels channel instead of actually showing cool history stuff. "You don't know me; you've just seen my penis."

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