Monday, June 8, 2015

2015 Summer Contest Spectacular

Way back in 2004, I took a road trip across the US of A and back again. I held a contest. People guessed a few different parts of the trip. So for my upcoming 2015 road trip, I will hold the simplified, updated version. Welcome to the 2015 Summer Contest Spectacular.

The rules are simple. Take a look at the map (click to embiggen). This is a basic, simplified version of the full plan. It does not include day trips. It does not include detours. It does not include going to dinner, to and from hotels, or any other driving.

So here's the question: What will the total mileage be on my car from driveway to driveway? Your guess should, then, include detours, day trips, and everything else. I will use click tare the mileage int the driveway and go from there.

Closest guess received a souvenir from my trip. All guesses must be in a comment on this blog (I'll post those I have received elsewhere on here before I depart. Deadline for entries - Friday, June 19, noon. I leave Sunday the 21st and return July 31ish. Good luck!


Kirsti said...

My guess: 7,800 miles

Unknown said...


bedessien said...

My guess is 9564 miles. Have fun!!

Kaboom32 said...

Rogers: 8,488
Burchett: 7,596
Blaise: 8,104.5
Greaney: 7,827
Davis: 8,488.5
Lahey: 8,235
Fallett: 7,800

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

10,815...hope it's not too late. I was at a wedding that you were in and I just got home.

Lisa Wieland said...

Oops, I really suck at posting on your blog. 10,815 from Lisa Wieland.