Thursday, August 21, 2008

I solve the world's energy issues

Just some background info first:

The basic idea is that Intel is working on electricity for laptops without plugging it in. Is it just me, or is that a freaking big deal? At this point, the article states that they were able to light a 60watt lamp on a stage. 60 watts is more than a laptop needs. And even so, if technology with this increases like everything else, that should go up as well. It looks like they're working out the safety issues. Imagine a completely wireless home. One of the hurdles that electric cars have to face is the plug in issue. Imagine it recharging as soon as you pull into the garage. Or into a parking lot. Or as you drive? People talk about how the future holds a worldwide wireless internet feed or some sort. Imagine a worldwide wireless electrical grid. Imagine that it's powered by a huge solar energy field. And that field is flying through space. Or on the moon. OR ON THE SUN. That's right - fuck the Middle East and their precious, delicious oil.

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