Friday, August 29, 2008

One small step for women's lib, one giant leap backwards for mankind?

McCain picked a woman. He believes that Clinton supporters are going to flock to his side because he picked a woman. He's counting on most people seeing that she's a female and that's it. Is he right?

I would guess that Clinton supporters come in two flavors. The first want more of the Clinton democracy. The second support her because she's a woman. Of course, you also have a swirl of the two. How many, though, were able to bring themselves to vote for Clinton but didn't support any of her ideas? I think there were some who voted for her strictly because she's a woman. But most of those would also believe in some basic feminist ideas, though, right? Palin is pretty much the opposite of that, just looking at her abortion stance alone. Palin wouldn't want her own daughter to get an abortion if she were raped. Even most pro-lifers these days throw in that stipulation, don't they? The rape and incest line? And how about the rest of the crazy - NRA for lifer, creationist, Buchanan supporter, under investigation... Wait - Clintons are familiar with that last one... But beyond that, this lady is further to the right than I can recall anyone having with a reasonable run for the White House. Even Republicans rejected Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. The moderates and independents? There's no way they can support someone like her. If she were a man, I think this would have already pushed the election to Obama.

But she's a woman. How badly do these Hillary supporters want a woman in White House? Until November, I'm going to remain skeptical that the middle and south of the US can vote for a black man and that everyone else can take five minutes to read about his woman to know that she's Nucking Futs.

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