Friday, August 8, 2008

The best day ever!

This is the story of the best day ever. Actually, it was evening, but a 24-hour period is a day, so I'll call it a day. It was after dinner, and I was thinking about some dessert. I miss the days when I could have dessert every day without consequence. Not that I have given up desserts, mind you. I choose to live with the pudgy consequence. I jumped in my car, but my mind was on Misters Ben and Jerry instead of the Hoff. But as I cruised on down to Safeway, my brain and taste buds were each playing their own games of Pong. Did I want some sweet, delicious fudge brownies in my ice cream, or did I want to enjoy the raw tenderness of cookie dough? I would often choose one or the other depending on my mood, but this time I just couldn't put my finger on which one was right. I was almost hoping that they would be out of one or the other to remove this horrible decision from my hands. As I walked into the store, I was thinking through possible scenarios. Would I flip a coin? Dare I be such a pig and oink out on BOTH? But it turns out that God himself made the decision for me. That day was the first day that I was to lay my eyes upon the greatest creation to come from the heavens. More majestic than the Grand Canyon. More intriguing than the platypus. More beautiful than any sunset. I would not have to decide that day, my friends, because God had spoken through Misters Ben & Jerry and put together my two favorite B&J ice creams into one container. No, the greatest creation ever wasn't the Half Baked ice cream that I proceeded to wolf down soon upon returning home. The greatest creation ever is the beauty of coincidence. Beautiful, indeed.

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Kirsti said...

Hooray for Half Baked! I'm going to have to get me some next time I'm in the mood for ice cream.