Friday, January 9, 2009


Number 3 - The Dark Knight

Since it's out on DVD now, if you didn't see it in the theaters, you've probably seen it by now if you like Batman Begins. Even if you didn't, you might still like the Dark Knight. I like Batman, but I've never been a huge fan of the comic character to at the same level as many others. I enjoyed the Tim Burton Batman movies, not so much the Joel Schumachers. I did like Begins.

Yes, TDK is has plot holes. Yes, it's too long. But damn, it has some great scenes. I wrote in my blog last year that I hadn't really liked any Heath Ledger roles, and I wasn't a fan. I'm a fan of his Joker. And to be honest, many of the plot holes can be filled in with, quite simply, "It's the Joker. It's not supposed to make sense." And I think in this case you really can do that because the joker is written correctly. Ledger made the scenes work and sold the material. But it was the Nolans' broad strokes across the movie that made the Joker a complete success. Nicholson's was entertaining. He was a Joker that you could laugh at. But this Joker is one that you laugh at because you're afraid of him killing you if you don't.

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