Saturday, January 3, 2009


Number 8 - Vicky Christina Barcelona

A couple days ago, Vicky Christina Barcelona was my number 10 movie. While I started thinking about what to write, I decided that I actually liked it more than that. So I bumped it up a couple spots. I'm actually really glad I did because it gave me a couple extra days to think about it. And now I want to see it again. After reading a couple reviews, it looks like there are some things about some of the characters that I missed, so it would be cool to look for that.

I've never been a Woody Allen fan of any kind. I've seen only a small handful of his movies, and never been wild about him. Only one of those, Bananas, did I actually dislike enough to quit watching. The rest were amusing, entertaining, but not my cup of tea. A couple years ago I saw Match Point. It's one of his movies that he wasn't in. I liked it quite a bit more than anything else of his that I had seen. In fact, I named it number 8 in my 2006 list. Vicky Christina Barcelona also didn't star Woody. And surprise, I liked it.

Much like Match Point, I liked the slow, deliberate pace. But it isn't too long. It's barely over an hour and a half, and every scene feels necessary. I always like these movies that are filmed in Europe where everyone own these huge, beautiful houses out in the county with amazing yards on large plots of land. Yet, they seem to have little income. One of the characters in this movie is a poet who refuses to show anyone his work. Yet his home is amazing. It makes me want to move there so that I can live in a great house and do nothing but create art (reality sucks sometimes).

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