Friday, January 9, 2009


Number 2 - The Wrestler

I saw The Wrestler the day after I saw Benjamin Button. I felt that every scene, every line, every action, had the true sincerity and heart that Button faked. It's a character piece, and my reader's know that I dig a good character. Randy "The Ram" is a great character. Micky Rourke gets my vote (I should be getting my ballot in the mail any day now...) for Best Actor this year.

If I have one single complaint its that the relationship with his daughter happens too quickly. However, it isn't supposed to be the focus of the movie, I'm OK with it. That's just one of many relationships that he has. And in the end, he expresses the one that really mattered to him the most.

There are some truly great moments in The Wrestler.A couple scenes are supposed to be cringe-inducing - and I cringed (one including a meat cutter, the other had a staple gun, five-dollar bill, and a forehead. The entire scene was brutal). But both scenes were in place, and only over the top in a way that they needed to be.

And the ending is absolutely perfect. I thought at the second that it happened, "If this movie ends right here, it's perfect." And then the credits rolled. At it was perfect. Perfect enough for me to use the word perfect five times in this paragraph.

You don't need to like any wrestling to like this movie. You're either going to like it as a character piece or you won't. I loved it. As of today, it's showing more locally. Go check it out. Then come back tomorrow, come back and see what my number one movie is, then go check that out.

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