Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Number 5 - Milk

This continues the 1970's history lesson. As a wise man once said, "This is U.S. History; I see the globe right there."

Obviously the passing of Prop 8 added some emotional impact to this movie. I wonder how much that added to some hype, if not my own. But does it matter? It's still an outstanding movie. I actually thought it started off a bit slow. It took maybe the first 20 minutes for me to get into it, but then it took off. Once Milk gets elected, it's right on from there. The campaign against prop 6 presents some great scenes.

I couldn't get through this writeup without talking about Sean Penn. Penn is often such a douche. His political blustering aside, I always think about him coming to Jude Law's defense at the Oscars. Buzzkill, blowhard douche. And when he won his acting Oscar for Mystic River, I didn't think much of him. But he's great as Spicoli, and he's pretty freakin' amazing here. When I got home I watched some youtube footage of Harvey Milk, and Penn became Harvey Milk. Still, though, I'm rooting for the star of a movie still to come on this list...

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