Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Adventures of Kindergartner Stool

The first quarter of the school year ends tomorrow. So far it has been moving pretty quickly. Of 197 students, about 120 have A's and 20 have F's. That's a significant improvement over last year, I must say. Those with F's have tried really, really hard to get those F's. I explained in class today that most of my students seem to be at least smarter than the stool in my classroom. Also, I expressed my belief that a kindergarten student would get higher grades on the notebooks than some of my students. That's because I'm basically giving a lot of points for taking the work we do in class and pasting it into the notebook. A kindergarten student can paste things. Many 8th graders cannot. So for the second quarter, I'm going to start putting a new student into my gradebook. It's name is Kindergartner Stool. I will assign quiz grades a score that I believe someone can receive by randomly filling out the quiz. For the notebooks, I'll give it the grade that someone would receive for doing the work in class and pasting it into the notebook. For participation, I will take points away every time the stool interrupts me in class. I think that Kindergartner Stool will score higher than at least 10 students.

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Anonymous said...

I like it! I can't wait to see if Kindergartner Stool's parents get mad at and blame you if it starts failing.

- The Jakes