Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blog-a-day month!

It's blog-a-day month! I hope you have either submitted your first blog already or that something is brewing in your head. If you aren't planning to participate in the festivities because you think it might be too hard, then consider this: life is hard. Deal with it and blog-a-day, for crying out loud. It does get tough, especially twenty days in when you realize that your brilliant mind has blogged all that there is to blog. But how are you going to feel at the end of October if you don't? First of all, Johnson is going to be declaring victory. And those of us who DO blog-a-day will look at him and his blog and think, "But 25 of those days were complaints about the same thing," and you'll say to him, "Good job, Lance, you are victorious," but you'll know in your heart that everyone who tries to get through it is just as victorious. And you who didn't try at all? You'll know that the only people who weren't victorious were those that didn't try. So yeah. Don't be a loser. Blog-a-day. It's the right thing to do. Next year I'm making bumper stickers, posters, and banners.
Tonight I'll officially start with my blog about why I'm angry with vampires. Those bastards.

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