Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Giant Ego

I've decided that I need to develop an even bigger ego. Some of you might already be wondering how that can be possible. We're taking this blog back to Scrubs once again. There was an episode where Dr. Cox was trying to teach Turk that a big ego is a good thing. And I've decided that I agree, so I need to push my confidence and arrogance far beyond what I already display. Now for everyone that I know read my blog - I already know that I'm better than all of you at everything, with the exception of being good at the negative things. For example, many of you are proficient at sucking. I cannot match that skill, and I choose not to. There are also many lesser things that some might not consider negative. I might begin to emulate sports figures who display massive confidence while showing a lack of intelligence. The lack of intelligence is deceptive. If you are confident, the rules of grammar fo the word "myself" no longer matter. In the previous sentence, I typed "fo" instead of "of." I don't need to change it because in that instance, it was right. Why? Because I rule. So from this point on, be careful if we're in the same room. There might not be room for you, me, and my ego.

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