Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Potty talk

Taking a break from the issues today to talk about... bathrooms. More specifically, my bathroom. Since I'm going to be renting out my condo, my bathroom had some little problems that needed to be fixed. The linoleum floor needed to be replaced and the sink faucets needed to be replaced. I decided that if those things were going to be replaced, then I might as well put in a new vanity. And then a new toilet would be good. And of course, fresh paint to go with all of them. I stopped at the bathtub. I kept that. And instead of just putting down a nice simple floor, I decided that I would learn to tile. And most importantly, I wanted to do the whole thing by myself. I watched some HGTV, read some books, browsed the internet, and talk to some people with experience. But I did it all myself. And now it's almost done. I just need a couple dabs of caulk and to polace to new toilet. I was going to do that tonight, but I'm dead tired. So tomorrow night, it's all done. Exhausting process, but I feel like i've accomplished something. It's a good feeling. Now it's time to find a house so that I can get out of here.

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