Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Issues - PART I

In my class, we're looking at 24 political issues. I pulled these from a website called It's an another online quiz to see whether you more closely align yourself with Democrats or Republicans. If you would like to take the quiz yourself before you continue reading, go ahead. I'll still be here when you return. I figure it's a good thing for the students to find out, but it also gives us a chance to go through these issues. And now, more importantly for you the reader, it gives me a good list of topics to blog about for a few days. If you need blog topics yourself, feel free to copy. So I'm going to go through these and give my particular slanted point of view on all of these. It should show you exactly why I will never be elected president.

1. Are our gun control laws too strict?

Just like Christians going straight to their fairy tale book, I go straight to the Constitution. Second Amendment. As a history teacher, it's easy to point out the whole militia part of it and dismiss gun rights all together for those who aren't part of the militia. It's lots more fun to say that we're going to ship all the gun owners to Iraq and Afghanistan. But the Constitution is a living document, so this Amendment has changed with time. This is something that I've changed my mind on over the years. While I still don't see a point in me owning a gun, I have no reason to take away anyone else's right to have one. I do support waiting periods and background checks. I don't think that average people especially need a gun more powerful than a handgun or rifle, but I don't know if they government is any more qualified than I am to make that judgement call. But I wouldn't want to add more restrictions to gun laws. I would want to see a stronger enforcement of existing laws and harsher sentences for those that abuse the laws. I won't join the NRA, but I won't say anything harsh about the organization in general. So are they too strict? No.

2. Should gay marriage be legalized?

Prop 8 here. No surprises, since I've talked about this one. It's a freedom issue. You DON'T take rights away from people. However, the entire idea of marriage is lame anyway. Governments shouldn't recognize marriage, gay or not. I'm not even a fan of civil unions as far as the government is concerned. Legally, marriage should mean nothing. If you choose to live together, you sign a legal document beforehand, just like a prenup but without the nup. Tax households instead of people. This eliminates divorce. If you want to be married, great. But why do you want the government to have anything to do with it?

3. Should we consider invading Iran?

We lost any such right, whether they need to be invaded or not, with our blunder in Iraq. Also, any threat from Iran is due to the elimination of Iran's enemy, Iraq. Good job, W. You fuck knob.

4. Should intelligent design be taught in public schools alongside evolution?

No. Why? Because people not all people are retarded. Science belongs in science class, fairy tales belong in church. Even beyond that, which intelligent design theory are you going to teach? The Christian one? Hindu? Norse? This is something that I would like to blog about more often, but Lance does a better job of saying what I want to say in his.

To Be Continued...

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