Friday, October 17, 2008

Next summer

I just figured out, in the last few days, what's been bugging me for the past year or so. Sure, eighth graders. That's a given. But something else just hasn't felt quite right. And then I finally decided that I needed to make sure that I sign up for a summer vacation for next year. And there it is. As soon as I clicked the "send" button on the final page, I felt better. I thought I would feel worry about where the money is coming from, but not at all. Everything's good. I need to travel, and now I have an awesome vacation to look forward to.
I'm off to Scandinavia. You can see the details of the tour here:
Why Scandinavia? I really want to go back to Europe. I've loved all of the Rick Steves tours. This was one of the choices. Sure, there are three or four other awesome tours that I would also really like. But something about this one drew me in a couple years ago. I decided at that time to go with the Eastern European trip. And that was the right decision. That trip was beyond amazing. But since this Scandanivia trip had been the runner up then, it wins this time. Now I know that I won't have an empty summer next year, it all feels right. So Norway, Sweden, Denmark. My life is better than yours.


Tea said...

This is Tea. You posted a bulletin. I found it. I read this.

Scandinavia, eh? I am taking a Swedish course and plan on going there one day. Let me know how you like it. =)

Kaboom32 said...

Cool - help me learn a few key phrases before I go, such as how to find the bathroom.

Tea said...

I can teach you how to ask a woman/man if you can buy them a drink, if they're married, and if you can have some beer. These are all phrases I've learned in class. Ah, yes.