Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm a republican! And I'm against prop 8!

All right, so first I thought this ad was interesting. Is it possible that the Yes and No camps for prop 8 aren't partisan? Interesting:

So then I wanted to take a quick look at the website for Republicans Against 8. Seeing the faces, I didn't recognize most of them. A quick hover reveals the names.

On the far right, second from the bottom, is this guy:

A hover shows his name to be - Scott Harris! You can click on his picture to read what he has to say - and it's exactly what I believe. Which is,something that shouldnt' be a surprise to my readers, that this is a RIGHTS issue. You don't take away rights!

I wonder if these people who have the Yes on 8 signs in their yards and on their cars (and possibly on their magic underwear, ifyaknowwhatimean) actually think that this is so different from the issues faced in the 60s. Their supposedly non-religious arguments mirror those against interracial marriage.
(And for those who aren't regular readers, no, I'm NOT a Republican)

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