Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Issues- Part II

Continuing from yesterday...

5. Does the US need a system of universal health care?

The question is whether health care is a right or not. If it is, then yes. If not, then no. I think it's partially yes. I definitely favor universal health care for kids. Specifically, conception through three months after graduating high school. I see it as something totally different, though. It should be part of the educational system. It's focus should be on prevention and health education. Seems to me that if you can make it through the important developmental years with health care, it's going to solve a lot of problems down the road. Two rules - you drop out of school, it's done. Second rule - you get pregnant, your health care ends so that the child's begins. While the child is in your womb, you will be covered only in ways that help the child.

6. Should marijuana be legalized?

For those over 18, yes. I have not heard a good reason why it shouldn't be. Legalize it, tax it. Seems to me that a lot of problems are solved right there. And for those people who face problems because of abusing it? They're on their own.

7. Should we repeal [or substantially change] the Patriot Act?

r heaYou do NOT touch my rights. Terrorism is not the problem that the administration would like you to think it is. Should we be taking steps to stop terrorism? Yes. Should we touch any rights in order to do so? No. Does that mean that maybe a terrorist attack happens and people die? Yes. It does. People might die. People are going to die anyway. Rights can live forever. Screw you if you think your life is worth more than anyone's rights, you selfish prick.

8. Does the US have a right to stop countries we do not trust from getting weapons?

Just like the Iran question, we lost that right when we prematurely, incorrectly, and irresponsibly invaded Iraq. This is what the UN was made for. The current rules of the UN, with a single veto Security Council, doesn't work. Fix it. Because clearly, the US government is currently too incompetant to make this kind of decision (could be a problem that disappears sometime around Januray 20th of next year, though).

To be continued...

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