Monday, January 2, 2012


Number 9- The Artist

I've written before about problems I have with silent movies.I recognize that I've been spoiled not by sound but by actual dialogue. I don't just prefer a good script, I require it. Silent movies rely on the actors mugging for the camera. And this is something that The Artist actually addresses.This is a silent movie for people who don't like silent movies, and probably for those who do, as well.

If you're reading this, I assume you like movies. That means you have seen Singin' in the Rain. If that second assumption is incorrect, fix it now.  The Artist deals with the same issue - talkies disrupting the careers of silent movie actors.

Jean Dujardin stars as silent movie actor George Valentin. What makes this, to me, a more unique silent movie actor role is that you see him on screen doing that silent movie overacting in the face. And then you see him off camera. And while he's still silent, the acting is more modern.

The Artist takes some of the ridiculousness of movies from the 1920s and adds the nuances of modern movies and combines them into a really fun movie. At 100 minutes, it doesn't outlast itself. It's in theaters right now, so take a look. Don't be scared of the silence or the black and white.

Don't be surprised when this gets nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. I think it might even get a King's Speech type push over the next month and come out winning the whole thing (though I hope my number 2 and 3 give it a run for it's money)

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