Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Movies - Ineligible

There are two movies that I saw in the theaters that didn't qualify for my top ten list based on my own arbitrary rules. Basically, I can't count a previously released movie. The reason I have this rule became even more necessary this year. Without that list, these movies would easily be number one and two.

Raiders of the Lost Ark was rereleased in IMAX for a couple weekends. Even though I've probably seen it a dozen times, I'm was still surprised at how well it holds up. There's barely a slow moment. And that rolling rock in IMAX? Sweet. And a special thank you to all involved for keeping it in 2D.

Cinemark theaters have been showing rereleases regularly. Unfortunately, they're usually on Wednesday or Thursday evening. The only one of those I made it to this year was Singin' in the Rain.

This is actually the second time I've seen it in the theater. It's a great movie to watch with a crowd, as there are some really funny lines. Watch Donald O'Connor perform Make 'Em Laugh on a TV is awesome. Watching it on the big screen? Awesomer.

I'd really love to get out to a few more of these. Saturday Night Fever is showing on February 6. The Paramount is also a great place to watch a movie, and I would love to get to at least one movie showing there.

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