Friday, January 25, 2013

Pets That Suck

I had a dream about my Roomba. I was at home talking to someone else. While it was sliding around my house doing the dirty work, I decided that it would be a great idea to cover the Roomba with advertising. This would be a great source of income. I think that in the dream I described it as income for the Roomba instead of for me, the owner of the Roomba. That shows me that I subconsciously believe that I wouldn’t have been a good slave owner.

I continued to discuss the possibilities in advertising on the Roomba. Unfortunately, the obvious observation had to be mentioned (in the nondream world, this would have stopped the conversation before it started). Since the Roomba cleans my house, no enough eyes will be on the Roomba. Who is going to pay for advertising like that?

In the dream world, the conversation begins. We’ll have to send the Roomba out into the workplace. My advertising covered Roomba would go into an office building. It would zoom in and out of offices of many important people. It would glide down the hallways of some of the most prestigious offices in all the land.

That’s when we near the end of the dream. The following exchange happened between me and my conversation partner.

“You know what they call a Roomba in an office building?”

“What’s that?”

“A janitor.”

I woke up before we could discuss why janitors don’t wear pretty much the same thing as a NASCAR driver. It's a conversation the nation should have.

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