Sunday, January 6, 2013

Luyten 726-8

Number 6 - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

First things first - it's too long. I have left plenty of movies off of the list for being shorter than that this. The Onion commented on the length better than I can. And yes, I have no idea how Peter Jackson is going to break the rest of the book into two movies. Here's a writer who commented on the extra stuff better than I can.

I really like the world that Jackson created with the Lord of the Rings movies, and I fell into that pretty easily. I love the way it looks and feels, and it was good to be back. I'm looking forward to the next movie.

Why did it make the list? Really, one scene. The "Riddles in the Dark" scene with Gollum was perfect. It's the scene I remembered best from the book.

I saw this in 48FPS. I wanted to see it in 2D at 48FPS, but that wasn't an option. I will say that this 3D was probably the best I have seen.Also, it wasn't as dark as some 3D I've seen. The screen was nice and bright even with the glasses. But still, the 3D was unnecessary.It added nothing to the movie, just like every other 3D movie ever.

The 48FPS is smoother, but supposedly disorienting to some.The only time I really noticed anthing "wrong" was at the very beginning. There's a close up shot of Bilbo's hands quckly reaching into a boc. It seemed to move too quickly. Other than that, the action all looked great. Panning was smooth. Then again, I'm not a film purist who wants to see film grain. I never felt like what I was watching was "too realistic," as some have also complained about. I'm not too sure what that means. I've considered a second viewing to watch in 2D to compare, but just haven't around to it. 

If The Hobbit trilogy follows the pattern of the LOTR movies, they'll only get better.

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