Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wolf 359 (CN Leonis)

Number 3 - The Avengers

Watching The Avengers was the most pure fun I had at the movies this year. Joss Whedon and company did everything just right.

For me, the only real misstep is something they legally couldn't avoid. We have an invasion by the Skrulls, but they couldn't use the Skrulls because they are owned by Fox along with the Fantastic Four movies. If those movies were even decent, I would understand a bit.So the aliens end up being rather generic. One thing that does, though, is put the focus back on the Avengers themselves.

A critique of many superhero movies, especially the  Batman movies from the 90s, is the lack of the superhero. The biggest problem with Michael Keaton's Batman is that Batman wasn't in the movie enough for it to really be a Batman movie. With a team, it's easy to feature the team members. And therefore, The Avengers are actually in most of the movie called The Avengers.

The Avengers shows us that you can make a badass, fun, energetic superhero team movie. I went to see The Avengers a second time. This time, I decided to see it in 3D to see if it added to the action at all. Of course, it didn't. 3D adds nothing but sadness to the world. This probably wasn't the best movie to test this out on, though. The action was already easy to follow as it was. Though I bet a handheld shakycam would have made it more realistic, right?

The Avengers features one of my absolute favorite scenes of the year. There's the "don't blink" scene from The Master (and the only scene you need to see). The flood after the tsunami from The Impossible is burned into my brain. Riddles in the Dark from The Hobbit was absolutely perfect. And in The Avengers, I might have even seen it a second time just for my favorite scene. It is, of course, Loki versus The Hulk.

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