Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 41 - 101 Days of Awesome

I am not a Star Wars prequel hater. I watched all of them in the theaters early and often. Could they be better? Very much so. I wish that Episode I had actually been an Episode zero, then I, II, and III could have been about the Clone Wars and Anakin's turn as an adult. But still, I had a whole lot of fun. And it didn't rape my childhood. The original trilogy is still there, and I still love it.

Image by Deviantart user Ionahipri
And that's why I think that the Disney purchase of the entire Star Wars universe is awesome. More Star Wars stuff is great. Taking it out of Lucas's hands is also great. The worst part of the prequels was his dialogue. His ideas are fantastic. His words are not. Let JJ Abrams create a movie. Let some other people get their hands dirty in remote corners of this world. Let's see a Han Solo Solo. Let's watch Baby Yoda and Baby Chewbacca solve crimes while flying around the galaxy in the Centennial Falcon.Bring it on!

And for those thinking that Disney and Star Wars don't go together clearly have never been on Star Tours. I'm looking forward to a few more rides. How about a Tauntaun-Go-Round?

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