Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 42 - 101 Days of Awesome

With just about two months left of school, that means just about two months left until summer vacation. In an attempt to be physically ready for my vacation, I started another round of Insanity. This workout is awesome.

This workout is appropriately named. I completed a round last year as the new school year began. It kicked my ass every single day. And I finished it. Physically, going through the full nine weeks was a great accomplishment. Mentally, it was probably more difficult.

And now I'm back to do it again. I'm hoping to lose some pounds and some flab, but mostly I was the cardio fitness. I plan to do a lot of walking in Europe this summer. That means wearing a backpack, lots of hills, and tons of stairs. I want to go every single day without running out of steam.

Insanity is probably overkill, but I know that hiking to the top of a bell tower isn't going to destroy me. I finish on June 14th with my final fit test.

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