Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 43 - 101 Days of Awesome

When I went to Italy in 2003, I found myself in one of the most amazing, awesome places on Earth. The Cinque Terra.

 It was more of an accident when I was there the first time. I didn't plan the trip extremely well, and ended up with an extra full day in Sienna with not a whole lot to do. So I decided to do a day trip to Pisa and to the Cinque Terra. I took the train up to Pisa and saw the tower. Yep. It's leaning. Then I headed up to spend an hour or so in the Cinque Terra. When I arrived, there was just one thought in my head. "I didn't plan enough time to be here."

It's one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It feels great. It looks great. The food tastes great. You need to spend some time there.  So when I decided to take the Rick Steves' Best of Europe Tour in 2005, it was only that much sweeter that in included two nights there. I spent that full day taking the amazing hike between all five towns. That physically tough hike gave me some of the most rewarding views ever. 

This summer, I'll be back there. This time I'm spending three night. I can't wait to enjoy two full days there. I'll probably repeat much of the hike this time, though not to all five towns. I'm going to do the most amazing parts again. And then I'll spend a day relaxing, probably on the beach and slowly roaming through the towns and grabbing a nice spot to sit and read.

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Andrew Nolan said...

I, too, love this place. But I think two or so of the towns were washed away by flooding a few years back. But I'm also too lazy to research that fact. So there we are.