Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Buttcrack and... the Conchords!

Don't read my blog if you don't like two unrelated topics. I don't even know what that means.

I couldn't decide which of these to write about today, and since I don't really have enough about either to make a good full blog, I present two 3/4 blogs.

Public Nudity
No, I'm not talking about streakers or nudists. I'm talking about people who are just a little too comfortable being naked. At the gym in the locker room, to be more precise.

I have no problem with taking your shower naked or even walking back into the locker room. In fact, the only thing I really notice at that point is that they're walking around with bare feet. I've seen spit and worse all over the gym floors, not to mention the athlete's foot they are destined to enjoy.

But they stand next to the lockers and stare up at the TV with all of their junk hanging out. Usually next to the locker where I want to get my clothes from, so I have to stick my head next to some naked ass crack just to get out of there and head home.

Now I'm not a prude here who has problems with nudity. I believe, especially after my visits to Europe, that our society could do with a little more. Just not no close to me. I don't even like being near people who are fully clothed, so I certainly don't want the wind generated by your swirling schlong or the sweat dripping off of your sweaty balls getting near me. I would just like to point out that I didn't ask you to visualize that. You did that on your own.

Flight of the Conchords
I've got a Netflix recommendation for you, but only if you like stuff that's funny in a weird way. And as I've writing this, I haven't finished watching all of the episodes. I'm making my way through season 2. There were only two seasons, so I am approaching the end. And since that's all there is, it isn't a huge time commitment that other series might be.

Flight of the Conchords is the story of a band called Flight of the Conchords. It features two guys from New Zealand, Bret and Jemaine as they work on their two person band. They have a stalkeresque fan, who is also their only fan. But the real star, as I'm beginning to see in the second season, is their agent Murray. The episodes feature some cool and funny songs that weave into the plots. Here are three of my favorites so far.

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