Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When Falls the Rain!

Don't read my blog if your status had anything to do with rain.

Obviously, one of the benefits to living in California is the kinder, gentler weather. But that also means that when the weather changes, it's time to freak out. How many Facebook updates did you see that let everyone know that it was raining today?

I just don't care about it nearly as much as everyone else for some reason. the only real impact it had on me was the traffic this morning. It usually takes me 5 to 10 minutes to get to work, 15 on heavier traffic days. Today it took more than 25 minutes. But I was still there in plenty of time and I got to listen to music for another 10 minutes.

I don't really get a kick out of running around in the rain, for the most part. But I think that's because I'm more practical. Yeah, it feels kinda nice while you're in it. But then you go inside and you're still wet. Then it SUCKS. I guess I might like it if I then have the chance to go change afterwards. Or at least put on some dry shoes and socks.

I remember the snow outings that we used to go on in Boy Scouts. One was to go snow tubing. I remember going the first time and being absolutely miserable afterwards because I was still soaked. The tradition was to stop for pizza at Mountain Mike's afterward. I was soaked the whole time. The next year I planned ahead and had a completely dry set of clothes including shoes. It made all the difference in the world. Another trip was snow camping where we had to build a snow shelter and spend the night inside. Hated it. I didn't go back the next year, and I think that was one of the few outings I didn't go on.

This morning when the first kids walked into my room, they asked me what I thought of the rain. I said it was fine, but I didn't like that my feet were wet. That's about the extent of it. Also, the gym was less crowded, and the heater was on downstairs to it was like working out in a sauna.

But really. How many status updates about the rain did you read before posting yours as well? Please don't move anywhere that has actual weather or else you'll never stop updating. Read this and this. And it certainly isn't worth writing a blog about.


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