Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The End of My Voice!

Last year, I had to take off a full week of work. It's the first time I've missed that much work or school pretty much ever. I wasn't too comfortable with it, especially the idea of leaving my classes with a week's worth of substitutes.

I've got some kind of fun problem with my voice. I had a pretty constant sore throat from October through about February. It was in and out, with my voice getting stronger then weaker again. I finally a went to see the doctor, and said that it had something to do with my allergies. I was caught in a cycle where every time it would start to heal, my allergies would take over and mess it up again. So I went on some pretty strong medications for about four days. It was supposed to fix it quickly. the fun thing is that this is a medication that's so strong that I can't really ever take it again or else there will be some pretty gnarly side effects. Good times. It mostly worked, but I haven't really felt 100% yet.

This year, because I have deaf and hard of hearing kids, I have the wireless microphone headset again. It's saving my voice a bit, but I feel it going again. I had a sore throat after the first couple days, but that seems to happen at the beginning of the year when I get back into it. The past week or so, I feel it going again.

if my voice were to get bad enough, teaching wouldn't exactly be a possibility anymore, at least in the way I do it now. So it's times like these where I start to think about what other career I would have if I had to give it up. But now I have to think about what jobs I could have that wouldn't require a whole lot of talking. I often come back to the idea of writing. But Blog-a-day month, which is supposed to encourage me to write more to get into the habit, is making that idea more and more frustrating. Here we are, only day 20, and I'm totally dreading writing every day. Yeah, it's a different type of writing. Perhaps if I were writing a continuous story it might be different. So since that's out, I think I'm going to become an international jewel thief.

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