Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Return of Toy Story!

Don't read my blog if you think cartoons are just for kids.

I'm tired and starting this late, so I'm going to condense the rant that I really want to go on. I want to rant about people who will too easily dismiss The Simpsons because its animated, but will watch According To Jim instead. Or people who won't watch Toy Story movie, but their money will go to Christmas With the Kranks. Let's just all agree that those people suck ass.

So why did I want to talk about it? I watched the Toy Story double feature today. Those are some pretty darned good movies. The first one, I think, has lost a little step since it has come out. The story is fairly straight ahead with few surprises. When it came out, I think everyone (including me) were in awe of how sweet it looks. In the 13 years since, we've seen a lot of, and more improved, computer animation. But the thing is - it doesn't do anything wrong. It's a solid movie.

Toy Story 2 takes a step forward. There's a lot more creativity being added to the formula. That's to say that the basic story arc isn't anything ground breaking, which helps it to still have the feel of the first movie. But they added enough new stuff to make a second movie worth it, and I think superior to the first.

There was a trailer for Toy Story 3, and it looked all right. I'm really hoping that the only reasons that they are making it is because they came up with a fresh and interesting idea that was worth making AND they have some fresh and creative talent working on it. It needs to be something new.

After seeing this, I am starting to side with Lance on the whole 3D thing. I kinda liked it in Up, but it added absolutely nothing to Toy Story. Yeah, it looked fine. But the glasses were distracting. I'm never comfortable in a movie theater seat. never even close. So I'm shifting around every few minutes. With the glasses, it actually limits movement in the seat because your head needs to face the screen in the right direction for them to work. And the worst part is that they charge a few extra bucks for the 3D movies. Pretty lame. So honestly, I would rather go without the 3D. It's an unnecessary novelty, and I'm done. Yeah, that should have been my rant from the beginning.

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Lance Christian Johnson said...

I'm going to see the third in 2-D. I'm done with 3-D.