Monday, December 7, 2009

Drag Me To Hell

With today's post, I skip over a top 10 contender and jump to the next movie I saw this year, Drag Me To Hell.

I'm not big on the whole horror/scary movie genre. This was the first of two I watched in 2009, and by far my favorite of the two (I'll get to the other later this month. In fact, even for a horror movie, I liked it quite a bit. But I'm not too surprised, as my favorite horror movie, if you can call if that, is Evil Dead II, also made by Sam Raimi.

I really liked Alison Lohman as the lead, Christine, who has a curse placed on her by a gypsy woman. Lohman had to do a lot of silly things in this role, including her memorable fight with the gypsy in the parking garage. This was quite possibly the best fight scene of the year. It was certainly the most fun. But throughout the stuff she needed to do, she stayed cute and as believable as possible while going through what she did.

And I bought the whole story. I obviously didn't meant that it could really happen, but I didn't hit any points that didn't work in the story, including the end. As I talked about movie length a few days ago, this one was barely more than an hour and a half - perfect length so that I didn't lose interest.

I don't think people who get legitimately frightened by horror movies will get scared watching Drag Me To Hell, but I think they'll have some fun watching.

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Lance Christian Johnson said...

I'm sure that I'll get to this one. I do think that it's primarily a fun time, but I think that there's also a bit more going on with it than just that.