Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Movie-a-Day Month preamble!!

As many of you know, I go to see a lot of movies. I see many more in the theaters than the average person. At the beginning of each calendar year, I spend the first ten days or so going through my top 10 movies. So during this month, I'm going to write about the movies that didn't make it on my list.

Of course, that creates a bit of a dilemma for me in that I'm writing about a bunch of movies that weren't even the best of the year, so how interesting can that be? Well to be honest, I'm not too interested in how interested you are in reading this. I figure at best it might help some of you to pick out some movies to rent or Netflix over the holiday season.

But in general, I actually like most of these movies. I try to avoid the obviously crappy Old Dogs types of movies, so I won't have to write about those. But since I see so many, I can afford to take some chances. Often they pay off. Looking at the list of movies I saw this year, I really only disliked one. There are a few more that I don't remember very well. There will be several reviews that will be really short. I'll fill in some gaps with some write ups about a few more movies.

I know that my best writing is when I'm complaining. I prefer a sweet rant to heaping praise any day of the week. And I know my readers prefer reading my sweet rants and they probably have never heard my heaping praise. Also, I prefer discussing movies than writing about them. So with that in mind, I will declare Lance to be the winner of Movie-a-Day month 2009. That's also because he wrote a sweet writeup of a damn good movie today, and I often suspect that Nolan actually believes it's a real contest. So congratulations to Lance!


Andrew Nolan said...

1. This does not count as a blog about a movie.

2. It is a real contest, and you've already eliminated yourself.

3. "Old Dogs" is the third-best movie I've seen this year.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Wow! I was going to try and be humble and declare you the winner in return, but no...I am the winner.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

With that said, I think it should be interesting if you mostly rant and complain. This gives me more incentive to keep mine more positive, as I can direct people to yours if they want some negativity - and vice-versa.

Kaboom32 said...

1. Really? Let me go back and reread it. Oh yeah - there it is. The word preamble in the title. Thanks for pointing that out.

2. I believe that in naming Lance as the winner, I did indeed eliminate myself. Thanks for pointing that out.

3. And even if I hadn't already named Lance the winner, you have eliminated yourself with that. You're welcome for pointing that out.